Please no plagia 100% original thanks1.List and describe the

Please no plagia 100% original thanks1.List and describe the three fundamental ways that data can be intercepted. How does a physical security program protect against each of these data interception methods?2.what is Halon, and why is its use restricted?3.list and describe the three fire detection technologies? which is currently the most commonly used?4.what three elements must be present for a fire to ignite and continue to burn? How do fire suppression systems manipulate the three elements to quell fires?5.What is physical security? What are the primary threats to physical security? How are  made manifest in attacks against the organization?6.What are the role of IT, security, and general management with regard to physical security?7.How does physical access control differ from the logical access control ?  How is it similar?8.Define the required wattage for UPS for the following systems:a.Monitor: 2 amps; CPU: 3 amps; printer 3 ampsb.Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer 3 ampsc.Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer 4 ampsSearch the web for UPS that provides the wattage necessary to run the systems listed above for at least 15 minutes during a power outage.9.Assume that your organization is planning to have a server room  that functions with-out human beings-in other words the functions are automated (such a room is often called a lights-out server room). Describe the fire control system(s) you would install in that room.10. what two critical functions are impaired when water is not available in a  facility? Why are these functions important to the operation of the organization information assets?

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