Prior to completing the assignment,&nbsp review Chapter 4 of yo

Prior to completing the assignment,  review Chapter 4 of your course text. You are a manager with 5 years of experience and need to write a reportfor senior management on how your firm can avoid the threat of a FederalTrade Commission investigation if you were to merge with other healthcare organizations. Research on your own to select a health careorganization in the United States that has been charged with anantitrust action within the last five years and use this information asthe basis for your paper. In your reportSummarize the charges and rebuttal or mitigation of charges used by the health care organization you researched.Discuss lessons learned and propose actions that can be taken byyour management to avoid similar anti- trust actions in your proposedmerger.Your paper must include an introduction, thesis, and conclusion. Yourpaper must be four to five double-spaced pages in length (excludingtitle and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style.  Utilize three scholarly and/orpeer-reviewed sources (excluding the course text) that were publishedwithin the last five years. Cite your sources within the text of yourpaper and provide complete references for each source used on thereference page.

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