Professional Advocacy Through Nursing Organizations

Professional Advocacy Through Nursing Organizations: Examine a nursing organization to determine the political function of the organization. Discuss three legislative initiatives supported by the organization…


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#1. Tittle: Professional Advocacy through Nursing Organizations

Nursing has over 200 professional organizations, special interest groups, and coalitions dedicated to the interest of nursing. For this discussion:

1. Examine a nursing organization to determine the political function of the organization.  2. Discuss three legislative initiatives supported by the organization.  3. Define your position on each of the initiatives and whether you agreed with the organization’s position and advocacy platform.  4. Compose a Tweet that reflects your position on the legislative initiative, remembering the 140-character limit. Be concise. Share your Tweet in the discussion.

Supplemental Reading

Estes, K. (2016). The role & responsibility of advocacy in Nursing (Links to an external site.). Colorado Nurse, 116(4), 8.

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#2. Visit the City Health Dashboard at (Links to an external site.) and identify the top three health care issues facing your community or a community closely related. Then relate these issues back to the Global Burden of Disease and national efforts to address these health care burdens.

1. Explore the national initiatives and determine if these approaches have meaning within your community and can offer a positive solution to some of the healthcare issues facing your community.  2. Discuss which strategies you would use to engage your local policymaker in a discussion about these national initiatives to advocate for change.

Remember the excellent resources to determine national healthcare goals are at the NIH or Healthy People 2020 websites.  3. Compose a Tweet that describes how the Global Burden of Disease is impacting your community. Remember to be concise as Twitter only allows 140 characters. Share your Tweet in the discussions.  4.  Finally, what are your thoughts on how Dr. Riley did with Congressman Aiken? What did she do correctly and what could she have improved? As you consider your initial meeting with a Congressman, would you have prepared additional information or in a different way? Share your thoughts and perspectives.


Supplemental reading:

Csete, J. (2019). Criminal justice barriers to treatment of opioid use disorders in the United States: The need for public health advocacy. American Journal of Public Health, 109(3), 419-422. https://doi-org /10.2105/AJPH.2018.304852

Healthy People 2020.

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