Q1.&nbspConsidering your learnings throughout the course so far

Q1. Considering your learnings throughout the course so far, compare and contrast the SCRUM agile software development approach to the more traditional software development life cycle or “waterfall” approach. Your analysis should be more comprehensive than the initial considerations you addressed within Week 1.Requirement: 225 WordsDeadline: 12 Hours.Q2.  For the following exercises, use the patient information system introduced as a case study within Chapter 1. Use this case study across all exercises.1. Create one or more UML activity diagram(s) illustrating how this system might handle the management of individual care needs, patient monitoring and administrative reporting. Include at least 10 elements or process boxes within your diagram.o Use the drawing features within applications like Word, PowerPoint or Visio to generate the diagram. If Visio is used, print the file to a .pdf format prior to submitting it for grading.2. Write 15 or more SCRUM user stories for the patient information system.  Use the following story format: “As a (role), I want/need (functionality), so that I can (justification/benefit).”o Normally, user stories are transferred into story cards written on index cards or post-it notes. Then, the story cards are posted on a story board.o For this assignment, user stories can be submitted using Microsoft Word.3. Using the user stories, you just identified, create a prioritized Product Backlog for the patient information system. The highest priority items should be near the top of your Product Backlog, with the lowest priority appearing toward the bottom.4. Using the Product Backlog, you just identified, create a Sprint Backlog that might be suitable for a 2-week sprint.Find the Below Attached Document for the Case Study. (Must Read)Requirement:  3 – 4 PagesDeadline: Two Days

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