question i am including exercise 8 11because we are to refer to it for thequestion e 4304032


I am including exercise 8.11because we are to refer to it for thequestion.

Exercise 8.11 (page239): Hegge Company uses the periodic inventory system. Journalize thefollowing entries for April, assuming Hegge Company uses the grossprice method of recording direct material purchases.

Apr6           Purchased $15,100 in direct materials from Kunzman Wholesale; terms1/15, n/30, FOB shipping point.

Apr9           Paid Carper Transit $250 freight charges on the purchase of April6th.

Apr12           Returned $1,400 gross price of direct materials from the April6th purchase to Kunzman Wholesale because the items werethe wrong model.

Apr30           Paid Kunzman Wholesale the amount due.

Refer to Exercise 8.11. Make the journalentries assuming Hegge uses the perpetual inventory system and thegross price method.

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