Resources Riordan Virtual Organization, Concepts in Strateg

Resources: Riordan Virtual Organization, Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy, and Competitive Advantages Paper 600 wordsScenario: The board of directors for Riordan Manufacturing has asked your team to create a strategic plan for the organization.Create a 2,500- to 3,500-word strategic plan for Riordan Manufacturing starting from what you learned in Week One and using a similar strategic management process as Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy. You may also use information from the team project you completed for Riordan Manufacturing in Week Four to create the strategic plan.Cover thoroughly the areas of environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control.Address the following questions in your strategic plan:What assessment and feedback controls should be used to determine the direction to take Riordan? If the strategy of Riordan does not go according to plan, at what point would you consider altering the strategic plan you have suggested?Explain and justify all of the decisions you have made for your strategic plan, using research and understanding learned from the reading material.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (including the appropriate headings and subheadings). Use the reading assignments, Web site articles, Electronic Reserve Reading (ERR) articles, and Business journal articles to support your positionOutline your strategic plan for Riordan Virtual Organization in a 5- to 7-slide presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

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