Rose Wilson Literature Review Assignment

Rose Wilson Literature Review Assignment: The primary goal of this brief literature review assignment is to identify research studies (peer-reviewed journal articles)…

Rose Wilson Literature Review Assignment
The primary goal of this brief literature review assignment is to identify research studies (peer-reviewed journal articles) that examine the effectiveness of the specific evidence based intervention (EBI) you have chosen for the target population and area of problem that you have previously identified. 
You will need to identify and cite a minimum of FIVE published studies that support your proposed evidence based intervention. 
Make sure to include the following headings:
I. Introduction (8 points): Provide a brief overview (e.g. 2-3 sentences) of the EBI, the target population with a problem you have selected. 
II. Search Process (5 points): Describe how you searched for your scholarly articles–specifically, how did you go about the search process, which database(s) did you utilize, and which keywords were the most effective.
III. Body (35 points) : Make sure to review each of your five articles individually. Provide a one paragraph summary of each article that includes the following three areas.
-Target population and problem addressed in the study
-The research methods used in the study (e.g., interview, survey, focus group, systematic review etc) 
-Findings from the study (e.g., how effective the intervention was to the study participants).
IV. Conclusion (7 points): Draw conclusions from what you have discovered.
·  Based on the five studies, what can you say about the effectiveness of the EBI with the target population and problem.  


·  Also, briefly describe how conducting this literature review shaped and/or changed your thinking about your approach to your research proposal?
V. References: Your literature review must include a complete list of references with accurate in-text citations for each reference in the body of your paper.
Make Sure to Use APA Format/Mechanics (5 points)
Format your paper using APA style guidelines. Make sure to provide appropriate citations, references, headers, and formatting.  The page length should be enough to address and describe each of the sections of the paper. Use 12 point font for the main body of the paper. writer only

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