Short essay question for pas film

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1.Please write a short essay discussing the life and legacy of Paul Robeson or Hattie Mc Daniel.

Please include:

What were some of the unique issues that they faced, along with other Black Women and or Men, in Hollywood

Any films mentioned in the reading that they participated in.

Special accolades they received

How their social justice work, if any, played out in their lives.

2.Using the Race and Hollywood Latino Images clip, the Bordertown Clips, and the Assimilation Narrative (Links to an external site.) articles discuss why the film Bordertown is a flawed Latinx representation and how historical, political, and social issues in America impacted the film.

3.Discuss some of the Hardships that came with Richard Wright’s Native Son novel being turned into a film in 1951.

4.Discuss Sam Greenlee’s novel The Spook That Sat by the Door and how the novel and film were impacted by historical, political, and social events of the time.…

5.What did you notice after watching the Foxy Brown clip about the Foxy Brown character? Considering what you learned in the first week of class, How did race and gender appear in the clip?


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