SPC 1017 Assignments

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Assignment 1

Create and upload a Persuasive Speech OUTLINE using The Monroe Motivated Sequence as a base for this speech.

Many students struggle with persuasion. The most common thing I hear is, “Today, I am going to persuade you to….” STOP! NEVER start with those words.

Whether you are creating a speech, or developing an advertisement, use the Monroe Motivated Sequence.

Imagine going to a car lot only to have the salesperson start with, “Today, I am going to sell you this car.” What do you do? “Oh no you don’t! Nobody sells me anything. I buy what I WANT to buy. I buy for my reasons, not yours.” That’s the normal reaction. Believe me, I do understand this. I was in sales for over thirty years. I was very successful because I used the “Monroe Motivated Sequence”. I used this for everything from setting an appointment to having the customer sign a large contract. It doesn’t matter how big the idea, or how expensive the item, this sequence works. If you, as a tee-ager, wanted to borrow the family car, this sequence would have worked for you. If you want to have a child, and your spouse does not, this sequence will work for you. Learn it!

Rather than write a long announcement, I have found a great video that does a wonderful job of explaining it. Now I would like you to Watch this 7 minute Video to learn more about the Motivated Sequence to Persuasion. Mr. Sexton’s Thoughts on The Motivated Sequence – 11 minutes.

The following video was created by somebody else for some other persons’ class, but as it is so well done, I chose to include it in this class.

Sample Speech Using Monroe Motivated Sequence #2


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