Strategic Social Media Campaign

Strategic Social Media Campaign: According to Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (n.d.), Tanuki Miami is a pan-Asian eatery serving an extensive array of Japanese and Chinese cuisine with a twist in a chill setting…

Strategic Social Media Campaign

Background Research 

According to Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (n.d.), Tanuki Miami is a pan-Asian eatery serving an extensive array of Japanese and Chinese cuisine with a twist in a chill setting. The eatery is located in South Beach, Miami. Some of its signature dishes are salmon pizza, duck ramen, and pork belly fuku bun. The menu also offers dim sum, chicken truffle siu mai, and sushi rolls with unexpected ingredients.

The ambiance varies depending on what time of the day it is. During the day, there is a relaxed and home-like feeling. After the sun goes down and the DJ takes their place, Tanuki turns into a romantic lounge. All people are welcome at Tanuki, but it attracts more of a younger audience because of its location. The affordable but luxurious eatery targets young business-minded couples or singles.

Situation Analysis

After analyzing the restaurant’s current situation, it showed that COVID-19 has decreased the average number of guests eating at the restaurant. Therefore, I will create a COVID-safe dine-in valentine’s day special to improve sales. This will include bringing people to the restaurant in a safe environment so that they can have a lovely and romantic valentine’s day.

Big Idea

To offer local South Beach couples a COVID-safe dine-in Valentine’s Day three-course menu for one evening. The offer includes appetizer, main course, dessert, one valentine’s specialty cocktail per person for $50 each. To ensure that the guests feel safe, we will enforce the CDC’s guidelines, including 6 feet between the tables, sanitize all furniture between guests, hand sanitizing stations, and masks being mandatory when moving around the establishment and up until the food and drinks are served. 


Campaign Plan

The goal is to increase the table occupancy from 40% to 70% with the Valentine’s Day special by February 14, 2021. Miami-Dade County allows up to 100% capacity as long as there is a 6-foot distance between the tables. To ensure our guests feel extra safe, we will only increase the occupancy to 70%. This will be achieved with a strategic social media campaign. The campaign will start a month before Valentine’s Day and will have a detailed and consistent schedule. The strategies will consist of social media posts going out on four different platforms. Google analytics and each platform’s metric guide will measure the efforts and success of the campaign. 


The channels I will use for the campaign are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There will be 14 unique but synchronized posts; six on Facebook, six on Twitter, two on Instagram and one on Snap Chat. Each post will be either an image or video, a caption or text, the hashtag #VDay2021Tanuki, and a link to Tanuki’s website. I will also invite an influencer to come in the day before Valentine’s Day to try our V-Day menu for free, and in return, they will review and document the special to get the following and numbers up. The posts will go out on Mondays starting one month before Valentine’s Day.

Works Cited

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. (n.d.). TANUKI MIAMI.

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