SWOT Analysis/Practice Inquiry

SWOT Analysis/Practice Inquiry: Using the attached completed SWOT Analysis as well as further related research on Memorial Hermann hospital…

SWOT Analysis/Practice Inquiry

Using the attached completed SWOT Analysis as well as further related research on Memorial Hermann hospital.

  • Succinctly describes the current state around the project idea, providing scholarly evidence that supports an improvement project. 
  • Describes the data gathered in the SWOT analysis supporting the need for the identified change. 
  • Describes the target population and setting the project will impact. 
  • Includes a brief introduction with thesis and brief conclusion recapping main points into the assignment.   
  • Scholarly writing expected with title page and reference page. 
Weaknesses What could MH SW improve? STRENGHT(What does Memorial Herman do well)WEAKNESS (what could improve about Memorial Hermann)
· High Reliability: Memorial Hermann Southwest has established the framework with its leadership team to focus on achieving the goal of zero harm. They do this by empowering employees to speak up and making organizational safety a priority. They have received recognition by the ANCC as a magnet facility as well as receiving the Birnbaum quality leadership award for quality and safety.   · Successful clinical outcomes: recognized by the American heart association as a high-quality stroke care facility. Their mission and vision is to focus on creating a healthier community, now and for generations to come.  · Technological advancement: State of the art Neuro and endovascular units. Top in the country to implement new diagnostic tools. Example is Loop X imaging.· Long standing presence in the community (Hope Clinic, Neighborhood Clinics, Legacy) · Promoting Accessibility and community focused care (in house community clinic serving members of the community and providing follow up care and resources to empower patients). · Administrators are responsive to the employee’s needs to create a healthy environment that results in high employee engagement.· Women’s center Carrie’s MH statistics  (high acuity, high volume, low hospital stay rate) · Interdisciplinary meetings hosted on a normal basis for case studies and quality improvement goals  · Old infrastructure (built in 1997) frequent maintenance requirements, on elevators & plumbing · High uninsured population.· Nursing staff shortage  · Memorial Hermann, as one of the Large integrated healthcare systems, can cause a delay in making a vital decision for MHSW because the healthcare is addressed as one system.·  
Opportunities How can MH SW turns strengths into opportunities Threats What threats could harm MH SW? 
· High diversity gives us the opportunity to expand the use of in-house certified interpreters, and research the benefits of a more personal translating strategy. · More teamwork/communication between each MH campus  · More enhancement facilities from the Neuro-endovascular services will give MHSW a better edge over its competitors.· Providing resources to address the growing psychiatric population  · Empowering directors to focus on process changes that can create an opportunity to avoid financial losses and close budget gaps. · Nursing shortages nationwide (Texas only 9.6 RNs per 1,000 people) Demand outweighing the supply · Increase of psychiatric patients without sufficient resources to accommodate them.· Government cuts with funding that reduces access to capital for facility improvements and equipment investments.·  

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