The overall goal of this learningactivity is to create stand

The overall goal of this learningactivity is to create standardized (Z-) scores for several variables. In thisset of learning activities you will use the Drinks.sav data file.  1. Create standardized scores forall scale variables (price through alcohol). Which beverages have positivestandardized scores on every variable? What does this mean?  2. What is the most extreme z-scoreon each variable? What is the most extreme z-score across all variables?  3. What beverage is most typical ofall beverages, that is, has z-score values closest to 0 for thesevariables?  4. If the variable is normallydistributed, what percentage of cases should be above 1 standard deviation fromthe mean or below 1 standard deviation from the mean? Calculate this percentagefor a couple of the variables. Is the percentage of beverages with an absolutezscore above 1 close to the theoretical value?Run the Frequencies procedure onthe following variables: sex, wrkstat (Labor Force Status), paeduc (Father’shighest degree), and satjob (Job or Housework). What is the scale ofmeasurement for each? Request appropriate summary statistics and charts.  2. For which of these variables isit appropriate to use the median? What conclusions can you draw about thedistributions of these variables?  3. What percent of respondents havea bachelor’s degree, or higher? What percent of respondents are working? 4. Howmight you combine some of the categories of wrkstat to insure that there are asufficient number of respondents in each category?

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