The reason Why we need to redesign SpartanNash Yard

Write a 600-word document Why we are redesigning SpartanNash’s warehouse yard.


a.     The new yard layout will improve our on – time by clearly defining the slot         location of our equipment such as the following:

        i.     Empty Trailers (company owned)

       ii.     Empty trailers (3PL/Vendor)

       ii.     Loaded Trailers (company owned)

       iv.     Loaded Trailers (3PL/Vendor)

       v.     Out of Service Trailers (company)

      vi.     Trailers with refused product from the customer

     vii.     Tractor locations

               1.     Out of Service units

               2.     Available units

b.     Redesign SpartanNash yard so we can upgrade our Yard Management                 System (YMS)

c.     The new YMS will improve safety by:

     i.     Eliminating the need to have people walking around the yard,                           performing manual checks.

     ii.    Instrumentation on yard trucks monitors speed, safe practices and                    hours of service for yard truck drivers.

   iii.     The YMS also helps secure the yard by tracking all moves from check-in             to check-out.

   iv.     Improve our on-time performance

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