The Who

Describe “Who” your applied project will include. 

  • Who will assume key roles and responsibilities during the DMAIC methodology approach? 
  • Who are the stakeholders? 
    • Director of Operations
    • Transportation Manager
    • VP of Finance
    • VP of Operations
    • Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Six Sigma Green Belt
    • CHEP Representative
  • Who will be involved in change control? 

The paper must:

* Uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to illustrate mastery of the subject, conveying the writer’s understanding, and shaping the whole work.

 * Demonstrates a thorough understanding of context, audience, and purpose that is responsive to the assigned task(s) and focuses all elements of the work. 

* Uses graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, and is virtually grammar error free.

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