TIA_Ch5_Start.xlsx1Open&nbspTIA_Ch5_Start.xlsx&nbspand save asTIA_

TIA_Ch5_Start.xlsx1Open TIA_Ch5_Start.xlsx and save asTIA_Ch5_LastFirst.02Create a Line with Markers chart using the range A3:E9. Switch the rows/columns so that the years are displayed on the x-axis, if necessary.103Change the title of the chart to Change in Mobile OS Market Share, press SHIFT+ENTER to move the insertion point to a new line, and then type2011-2014 (no period). Change the font size ofChange in Mobile OS Market Share to 18.104Move the chart to a separate worksheet. Rename the new worksheetLine Chart, and position the new worksheet to the right of the Data worksheet.105In the line chart, use the filter to remove the Symbianand Others data, so only Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry data displays.26Add a Line Callout 2 shape to the chart with the line pointing between the 2013 and 2014 Android data. Add text to the callout:Looks like Android market share will surpass iOS market share in 2015.(include the period). Adjust the size of the shape, as necessary, so that all the text in the callout is visible. 57On the Data worksheet, create a Pie chartusing the ranges A3:A9 and E3:E9.58Change the pie chart title to2014 Mobile OS Market Share(no period).59Change the layout of the pie chart to Quick Layout 1.1010Resize and position the chart so that the upper-left corner is within cell A13 and the lower-right corner is within cell H30.511Create a Clustered Column chartthat compares only Android and iOS data for 2011-2014.1012Change the column chart title to Android vs. iOS Market Share(no period).313Format the column chart with Style 8.514Movethe column chart to a separate worksheet. Renamethe new worksheetColumn Chart, and position the worksheet to the right of the Line Chart worksheet.1015On the Data worksheet, in cell F3, typeSparkline, then add a Line Sparkline to cell F4 using the data in range B4:E4. Using the Fill Handle, copy the Sparkline to range F5:F9. Add a High Point to each Sparkline.1016Ensure the worksheets are in the following order: Data, Line Chart, Column Chart. Save and close the file, and then exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.0

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