Twitter Account Creation

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– Please follow the instructions carefully

– Please the assignment is attached below and have provided the reading materials needed

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GRADING RUBRIC attached to the assignment doc (Homework2.pdf)


A. Create and use an account in a Twitter to interact with friends

Note: For these activities within the Twitter, you are welcome to include your professor and other students in the class. However, you do not have to. You are welcome to just use your known friends.

B. Perform the following specific activities:

1. If needed, create your Twitter account.

2. Login and personalize your account.

3. Explore Twitter connect with your find friends.

4. Configure and customize your privacy settings in your Twitter account.

C. Prepare a well-written paper no more than 2–4 pages in length.

In this paper you will cover the process of setting up the Twitter account, issues you encountered, privacy settings and the justification for selecting those setting, and how you envision using this account in the future. Be sure to show a screen captures and a description of how you successfully completed activities 1-4 listed above. Discuss any personal or computer security issues you have with using Twitter.

Reading Materials


Introduction to Twitter
More Features in Twitter
Types of Tweets and where they appear…
Security and Privacy in Twitter
Protecting and unprotecting your Tweets…
About public and protected Tweets…
Approving or denying follower requests…


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