Week 1 DiscussionFor your main response in the discussion th

Week 1 DiscussionFor your main response in the discussion thread respond to one of the two major topics below following the instructions provided. For your second response to the discussion thread, analyze the response of a fellow student in the thread. Try to choose a fellow student’s response to a topic you have not chosen to address in your main response. Remember You must post two responses: one main post that addresses the topic you select and the other called the secondary response that analyzes the post of a fellow students. The two topics of the Discussion Thread cover two important aspects of the Baroque and are directly connected to this weeks readings on the Baroque, chapters 21 and 22 of the textbook which are the basis of next week’s the forty point quiz. 1) ‘The religious significance of the Baroque Style in the Visual Arts’Read the full selection of the Essay by Dr. Esperança Camara , ‘Rome from the Whore of Babylon to the ResplendentBride of Christ’ by clicking this link https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/monarchy-enlightenment/baroque-art1/beginners-guide-baroque1/a/baroque-art-in-europe-an-introduction. Explain how the Baroque Style in the visual arts was used in an attempt to reestablish the ascendancy of the Catholic Church according to that essay. Select one Baroque painting, or architecture or sculpture from the essay above or from pages 689-691 in Chapter 21 ‘Baroque style and its characteristics’ or pages 715-720 and 726-735 in Chapter 22 of your textbook. ; 701-703) and Chapter 22 (pp. 715-720; 726-735); Baroque style and its characteristics; Baroque in the norththe section on the Baroque in your textbook  from the essay the Select two (2) Baroque style paintings from the Websites below that no other student has selected. Identify each as to artist, date, and title or description. From the summaries of the Baroque style’s features in our class text, identify specific key aspects of each painting that fit the Baroque style. Explain why you selected each and what you like or dislike about it. Compare this style to a modern film, type of film, or to a modern situation.  2) ‘The Baroque Style in Music’ Please respond to only one (1) of the following two options:Listen to Claudio Monteverdi’s Orfeo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ll_u870PG8 (lyrics with translation: http://introtomusicdeanza.wordpress.com/class-resources/examples-baroque/) and read pages 706-710 in Chapter 21 of yourtextboook specially the section on Monteverdi, specially the first column of page 708 that discusses the opera Orfeo. (pp. 707-710). Then describe the composition using key terms from your textbook. Explain what you like or dislike about the work. If you wish you can compare it to a modern sound track.Listen to Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ from his composition The Four Seasons at http://www.npr.org/2011/07/18/104868631/vivaldi-a-man-for-all-seasons and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFHPRi0ZeXE (background and lyric translation at http://www.baroquemusic.org/vivaldiseasons.html). Read pages 706-710 in Chapter 21 of your textboook ‘Venice and Baroque Music’ specially the section ‘Antonio Vivaldi and the Concerto’ , specially the pages on ‘Antonio Vivaldi and the Concerto’ pages 709-710 that analyzes the Four Seasons on page 710.Then describe the composition using key terms from your textbook that describe the qualities of Baroque music. You can explain what you like or dislike about the work and If you wish you can compare it to a modern sound track.

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