Week 6 Reflective

Week 6 Reflective: On week 6 you are required to post a reflection that addresses a peer’s post following Week #3 discussion.

Reflective response post should be at least 150 words and relevant to and addresses 1 other student’s original posting regarding the specified discussion topic. Make sure you provide appropriate references and utilize APA style. To obtain full credit, students must follow the above requirements.

This is the student post on week #3 

Discussion 3

Alina Alonso

Advanced Primary Care of Family Practicum I-DL-MSN41


May 22, 2021

Whatis behind the outstanding meaning that makes Nurse Practitioners role a greatcareer

NP role is a rewarding career because it is all about life-saving and solving numerous and complex life problems. With numerous qualifications, nurse practitioners play a vital role in the healthcare system. They have more jurisdiction over their professional practice and patient health outcome. Additionally, nurse practitioners do not stop learning, and with their continuing education, they have the skills to engage in problem-solving (Thomas et al., 2017). The numerous training gives them an added advantage in solving intelligent human-focused problems and learning excellent new-state-of-the-art healthcare advancement more than the information accessible to the other healthcare professionals.

Theroles and responsibilities of the family nurse practitioner as a future nursepractitioner

Family nurse practitioners are a fundamental part of the healthcare setting as they give wellness guidance and necessitous care services to patients who need them. As a future nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioners have several roles and responsibilities within the primary healthcare setting. Their roles and responsibilities include providing primary healthcare services for all patients, from infants to adults. In addition, they perform well checks, administer medications, conduct screening for symptoms of disease, and order medical tests on the ground of improving patients’ general health (Greenwood, 2017).


Theeligibility for the family nurse practitioner certification

To have a family nurse practitioner certification, he/she should have finished an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) program focusing on family medicine. Besides, the person has to have a degree in registered nursing and is a certified registered nurse in a state or territory (ANA, 2021). Finally, having passed NCLEX-RN exams is also a requirement since it is the one determining whether one can proceed with education or not. 


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