Wk7 Discussion response 2: Healthy Workplace Inventory

Wk7 Discussion response 2: Healthy Workplace Inventory: There are many factors and measures that may impact organizational health. Among these is civility…

Wk7 Discussion response 2: Healthy Workplace Inventory

There are many factors and measures that may impact organizational health. Among these is civility. While an organization can institute policies designed to promote such things as civility, how can it be sure these are managed effectively?

The Response for this paper is focused on…

It is sharing ideas for how shortcomings discovered in their evaluations and/or their examples of incivility could have been managed more effectively. 

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Week 7 Discussion on Healthy Workplace Inventory
Healthcare professionals across the world acknowledge that a positive workplace environment is a requirement for good patient care. According to Maasssen et al (2021), healthy workplace environments play a significant role in ensuring trained nurses are not only attracted to the profession but also remain within the nursing field. Registered nurses retention especially after the COVID -19 pandemic I crucial in addressing nursing shortages. Of major importance is the need to have a safe workplace for all workers since an unsafe workplace could lead to adverse events happening and result in negative consequences to the general healthcare staff. On the other hand, a positive workplace environment has the potential to promote effective communication, teamwork, and increased productivity through teamwork.
Many initiatives have been proposed to promote a PWE by fostering a culture of civility and respect amongst nurses (Clark, 2019). One tool the cited researcher developed is Clark’s Health Workplace Inventory to establish the health of one’s workplace. This tool has 20 phrases with a 5 point response that scores 5 if the statement is completely true, 4 if somewhat true, 3 if neutral, 2 if somewhat untrue, and lastly1 if the respond feels the statement is completely untrue. Essentially the poorest score is 20 while the highest is 100 and the interpretation of scores if over 90 is considered a very healthy environment. 80-89 translates to a moderately healthy environment, 70-79 mildly health, 60 to 69 barely healthy, and 50 to 59 as unhealthy. A score less than 50 indicates a very unhealthy workplace environment necessitating measures to identify workplace incivility in in nursing healthcare settings by launching programs aimed at raising professional, social, and policy awareness within the context of health, safety, and enhanced quality for nurses. Upon completion of the CHWI, I got a score of 87 which falls in the moderately healthy environment meaning there is still room for improvement.

Healthy Workplace Inventory

I had expected the score to be higher but the environment post- COVID -19 era has gradually declined particularly o the retention rate of newly recruited nurses. Many nurses both newly hired and those who have worked in this facility have complained about increased workload and low paying rates in comparison to other facilities. According to Armstrong (2018) incivility in the work place consist of low intensity social behaviors that are deemed unacceptable and have the potential to cause harm. The behaviors are purposively aimed at intimidating another person or group of persons. Recently I witnessed a confrontation between two nurses concerning the allocation of workload where one of them felt she was overburdened and loudly wondered why it is only she who is assigned to attend to three patients per shift. Luckily, the nurse manager stepped in and helped both to amicably resolve their differences (Campbell et al., 2021).
In the wake of COVID-19 epidemic, there is need to improve the nurses working environment so that the safety of every worker becomes a priority. As such, our healthcare organization administration must recognize that safety of workers and their health as envisaged in the organization’s mission. According to Maassen et al (2021), it is important to promote good communication as this is the only way to promote safe patient care.


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