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Canada Day Analysis Report

Choose a Canada Day Event. It must be a large, public event. The event should have some form of advertising such as posters, television ads, facebook or social media ads or a website. Visit the event and write a report as follows. Two to three pages, double-spaced. Any readings or texts used should be cited. […]

Congress and Senatorial elections in Texas.

The purpose of the Research Paper is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by gaining further insight about Congress and Senatorial elections. The focus will be on the Texas senatorial election in 2018. You will have an opportunity to apply knowledge learned throughout the course and see politics in action. You […]

Ethics and Social Responsibility

 Assignment Content Resource: Ethics and Social Responsibility Grading Guide Refer to the Week 2 – Required Learning Activity: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Ch. 13: Corporate Governance and Ethics Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the influence that ethics and social responsibilities have on the strategic planning process. […]

Evaluating Pathos and Ethos

Follow the following below. “Read the posted excerpts from Baldwin and Coates, as well as “Citing Text Effectively,” before completing this assignment. In one paragraph, answer the following: Overall, how well does James Baldwin use ethos in his excerpt from The Fire Next Time? Quote specific examples that illustrate his tone, any references to his […]

Social Media Application to Emergency & Disaster Management

Your research paper assignment calls for you to demonstrate your grasp of the concepts covered in the course related to course specific topics or issues of particular interest to you such as the use of social media in the field of emergency management and / or crisis communications. Your research paper is worth 30% of […]

Dubai’s Urban governance and Planning framework

 Aims The predominant objective of this research project is to look at the urban governance and development regulatory framework in the context of Dubai. Particularly, this research aims in analyzing the fragmented institutional arrangement of urban governance in the freehold areas. Objectives 1. The research will identify the emirate’s parameters in the development path since […]

Narcotics Anonymous

Write about Narcotics Anonymous as per the instructions below. Note: In the personal observation section, write as if you attended 3 meetings. The body of the paper must be 5–6 pages (not including title and reference pages). Each section must be approximately 1 page. Be sure to separate sections with current APA headings. You must […]


 Part II Arrivals: Discussion Questions Objective: As anthropologists, we often have to learn to see issues from various perspectives (that is why we consider both the emic and etic perspective). The purpose of this discussion is to think about issues of migration, identity and home from different people’s points of view inVoyages. Instructions: For this […]

Analytical paper based on Michael Johnston’s Deep Democratization theory

 You will be writing an analytical paper based on Michael Johnston’s Deep Democratization theory (textbook is attached). Johnston uses recent events such as the global economic crisis and the Arab Spring, to demonstrate that we can assess vulnerabilities to corruption and the effects of reforms, and use this information to identify potential new practices to […]

Kinship Diagram

 Discussion 6: Your Kinship Diagram 1.Draw a kinship diagram of your family. Start with ego (you) towards the bottom-center of your paper. Go as far back as you can (you might have to call your parents or grandparents to get some of this information to fill in your kinship diagram). Use the symbols on page […]