11 if the cosmetic department in the store measures 20 000 square feet and the total 4303335


11) If the cosmetic department in the store measures 20,000 square feet and the total building cost is $60,000 for a 40,000 square foot building, the cost that would be allocated to the cosmetic department would be:

A) $30,000.

B) $10,000.

C) $22,500.

D) $7,500.

12) If the music department in a department store is 8,000 square feet and the total square feet is 40,000, how much of the total building cost of $50,000 will be allocated to music?

A) $8,000

B) $1,000

C) $32,000

D) $10,000

13) Advertising totaled $10,000; $3,000 was indirect. What would be the best choice to use to allocate the indirect cost?

A) Allocate the indirect expense based on square feet.

B) Allocate the indirect expense based on gross sales.

C) Charge indirect expense to administrative expense.

D) Allocate the indirect expense based on goods shipped.

14) If an expense is traceable to a department, it would be considered a(n):

A) direct expense.

B) indirect expense.

C) profit center issue.

D) cost center issue.

15) Joyful Praises Corporation has total advertising expenses of $84,000: $32,000 for radio advertising and $52,000 for print advertising. The print advertising is allocated to Departments A and B based on net sales generated in each department. Department A has net sales of $446,400 and Department B has net sales of $297,600. How much of the print advertising should be allocated to Department A?

A) $13,000

B) $39,000

C) $52,000

D) $31,200

16) If the gross sales for the computer department are $4,000 and the book department gross sales are $16,000, what is the allocation for advertising expense of $1,000 to these departments, based on gross sales?

A) Computer department $200; book department $800

B) Computer department $500; book department $500

C) Computer department $800; book department $200

D) Computer department $250; book department $750

17) Windermere Corporation has 55,000 square feet in department A; 20,000 square feet in department B; and 25,000 square feet in department C. Janitorial services are based on square footages in each department. How will the $35,000 of janitorial services be allocated?

A) $19,250 to C; $7,000 to B; and $8,750 to A.

B) $19,250 to A; $7,000 to B; and $8,750 to C.

C) Split evenly ($11,666.67) to each department.

D) Cannot be determined by given information.

18) Which of the following is NOT a direct departmental expense in a sales department?

A) Sales salaries

B) Delivery expense for unrelated items

C) Advertising for the sales department

D) All are direct departmental expenses.

19) If the property, plant, and equipment cannot be traced to a specific department, depreciation expense is a(n):

A) direct expense.

B) indirect expense.

C) cash expense.

D) sales expense.

20) Compute net income for the housewares department, when gross profit is $650,000, direct expenses $235,000, indirect expenses are $90,000 and sales are $875,000.

A) ($20,000)

B) $530,000

C) $205,000

D) $325,000



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