11 when the trial balance includes a debit column total of 10 350 and a credit colum 4303355


11) When the trial balance includes a debit column total of $10,350 and a credit column total of $10,950, it is probable that:

A) a transposition error occurred.

B) a $300 debit was recorded twice.

C) a $300 credit was recorded twice.

D) a $300 debit was recorded as a credit.

12) The trial balance lists the accounts:

A) alphabetically.

B) in the same order as in the ledger.

C) all debits first and then credits.

D) all credits first and then debits.

13) A trial balance is a list of the accounts and their ledger balances.

14) The trial balance proves the equality of debits and credits.

15) A slide is evenly divisible by the number 8.

16) The trial balance listing is in the same order as the chart of accounts.

17) Journalizing a transaction with both the debit and the credit for $75 instead of the correct amount of $57 will cause the trial balance to be out of balance.

18) If the trial balance is in balance, it proves that all transactions were properly journalized.

19) Correctly posting a transaction twice will cause the trial balance totals to be unequal.

20) A slide is an error that results when zeros have been added or deleted when writing an amount. Example: 10,000 is written as 1,000.



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