11 what is the keyboard shortcut to decrease the list level a shift tab b ctrl d c 4311049

11) What is the keyboard shortcut to decrease the list level?

A) [Shift] + [Tab]

B) [Ctrl] + [D]

C) [Tab]

D) [Alt] + [Tab]

12) Which of the following is NOT a picture format?

A) .jpg

B) .bmp

C) .rtf

D) .tif

13) Picture ________ include shadows, reflections, glows, soft edges, bevels, and 3-D rotations.

A) effects

B) shapes

C) backgrounds

D) layouts

14) Pictures are inserted in the default ________ shape.

A) oval

B) rectangular

C) arrow

D) circle

15) The Picture Effects button is in the Picture Styles group on the ________ tab.

A) Home

B) View

C) Insert

D) Format

16) ________ is a category in the Shapes gallery.

A) Block Arrows

B) Advanced Shapes

C) Quotations

D) Triangles and Circles

17) The mouse pointer changes to a(n) ________ once a shape is about to be “drawn” on a slide.

A) arrow

B) black cross

C) star

D) pointing finger

18) Which of the following statements is NOT true about a text box?

A) A text box includes borders when it is inserted in a slide.

B) A text box is used to position text anywhere in a slide.

C) The user determines the location of a text box.

D) A text box does not include a fill color when initially created.

19) To ________ an object in small increments is to move that object using the directional arrow keys.

A) cut

B) focus

C) nudge

D) poke

20) The Text Box button is in the ________ group on the Insert tab.

A) Text

B) Images

C) Illustrations


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