77 a transaction involving a charge to a non existent customer account was entered i 4311067

77.A transaction involving a charge to a non-existent customer account was entered into an accounts receivable and billing system that was batch processed.  This error should be detected by the computer system and appear in:

a)The sort run error printout

b)The edit run error printout

c)The customer statements printout

d)The master file update run error printout

e)Some error printout other than those mentioned above

78.Transactions which were erroneous and had been previously rejected by the computer system apparently were not being reentered and reprocessed once they had been corrected.  This erroneous condition is best controlled by:

a)Comparing a record count of transactions input into the system

b)A comparison of the batch control totals

c)Scanning the error control log

d)Scanning the console log

e)Desk checking


79.For a routine management report produced on the computer, which one of the following control duties is most likely to be the sole responsibility of the user department?

a)Scanning the report for garbled output

b)Checking input totals against report totals

c)Determining that figures in the report are reasonable

d)Verifying record count totals

e)Checking the console listing for improper operator procedures

80.In an online, real-time system, which of the following would be most likely to be used as backup for an application's master file maintained on magnetic disk?

a)At specified periods the disk files would be dumped to (copied on) magnetic tape along with the period's transactions

b)A duplicate disk file would be maintained and all activity would be copied on magnetic tape continuously

c)The grandfather-parent-child technique would be employed to retain disk files

d)All source documents for transactions would be retained

e)The disk files would be copied to magnetic tape continuously

81.A company's computer facilities and computer room conceivably could be destroyed completely by fire.  The most appropriate action a company could take in an attempt to prepare for and protect itself for such a disaster would be:

a)To have backup computer facilities at the same site

b)To have off-site backup computer facilities

c)To have a reconstruction and recovery plan which outlines the procedures for reconstruction of files and use of alternate facilities

d)To have a contractual agreement with the manufacturer or another company to use its facilities

e)To have the grandfather-parent-child concept implemented for all files stored on magnetic tapes

82.A company’s disaster recovery site that includes a computer system configured similarly to the system used regularly by the company for data processing purposes is called:

a)A cold site

b)A recovery site

c)A disaster site

d)A hot site

83.The risk of unauthorized access to data through electronic eavesdropping is minimized by using:

a)Data encryption

b)Routing verification procedures

c)Message acknowledgement procedures


84.Within database systems, a control that restricts user access to precisely designated data sets and files is called a(an):

a)Layered password

b)Open password

c)Closed password

d)Server password

85.An example of a check-digit technique that includes “ordering of digits” in the construction of check-digit values is the:

a)Odd-even technique

b)Modulus 11 technique

c)Value-digit technique

d)Orion technique

86.   A virtual private network (VPN):

a) Is a security appliance that runs behind an organization’s firewall

b)  Allows remote users to access entity resources by using wireless, hand-held devices

c) Is security software that is specifically designed to protect hard-wired local area networks (LANs)

d)  both (a) and (b)

e)  none of the above


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