31 the effort required to locate a suitable product is called a price discrimination 4309173

31) The effort required to locate a suitable product is called:

A) price discrimination.

B) search costs.

C) menu costs.

D) shopping costs.

32) Information density refers to the:

A) richness-complexity and content-of a message.

B) total amount and quantity of information delivered to consumers by merchants.

C) total amount and quantity of information available to all market participants.

D) amount of information available to reduce price transparency.

33) Selling the same goods to different targeted groups at different prices is called:

A) cost customization.

B) cost optimization.

C) price gouging.

D) price discrimination.

34) Information ________ exists when one party in a transaction has more information that is important for the transaction than the other party.

A) transparency

B) asymmetry

C) complexity

D) discrimination

35) Which feature of Internet technology has had the most effect in the Internet's rapid spread across the globe?

A) Ubiquity

B) Global reach

C) Universal standards

D) Social technology

36) Varying a product's price according to the supply situation of the seller is called ________ pricing.

A) menu

B) flexible

C) dynamic

D) asymmetric

37) Reducing the business process layers in a distribution channel is called:

A) disintermediation.


C) market segmentation.

D) network effects.

38) Digital goods are goods that are:

A) produced digitally.

B) sold over digital networks.

C) delivered digitally.

D) used with digital equipment.

39) Compared to digital markets, traditional markets have:

A) lower search costs.

B) stronger network effects.

C) higher delayed gratification effects.

D) higher transaction costs.

40) Compared to traditional goods, digital goods have:

A) greater pricing flexibility.

B) lower marketing costs.

C) higher production costs.


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