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61) A secure Web site that links a large firm to its suppliers and other key business partners is called a(n):

A) e-hub.

B) marketspace.

C) exchange.

D) private industrial network.

62) E-hubs are more ________ than private industrial networks.

A) transaction oriented

B) collaborative

C) independent

D) supply-chain oriented

63) Net marketplaces:

A) focus on continuous business process coordination between companies for supply chain management.

B) are industry owned or operate as independent intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

C) are geared towards short-term spot purchasing.

D) are more relationship oriented than private industrial networks.

64) A third-party Net marketplace that connects many buyers and suppliers for spot purchasing is called a(n):

A) exchange.

B) vertical market.

C) private exchange.

D) e-hub.

65) Goods that are involved in the actual production process are referred to as:

A) raw materials.

B) direct goods.

C) purchasing goods.

D) indirect goods.

66) Which of the following statements about m-commerce is not true?

A) In 2013, m-commerce represented about 10 percent of all e-commerce.

B) M-commerce is the fastest growing form of e-commerce.

C) In 2013, Amazon's m-commerce retail sales contributed approximately 10% of all m-commerce revenues.

D) In 2013, the main areas of growth are in online banking and location-based services.

67) Which of the following social commerce features allows social network sites to gather and distribute to others information about which products a user likes and dislikes?

A) Social sign-on

B) Collaborative shopping

C) Network notification

D) Social search

68) Which of the following is a marketing format that uses banner ads and pop-ups with interactive features?

A) Search engine ads

B) Video ads

C) Rich media ads

D) Display ads

69) A new social mobile app you are developing allows users to find friends who are logged in and within a 10-mile radius. This would be categorized as a ________ service.

A) geosocial service

B) geoinformational

C) geoadvertising

D) geomapping

70) Which of the following is not one of the platforms to be considered in building a Web site presence?

A) Mobile platform

B) Tablet platform

C) Traditional desktop platform


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