biographical sketch 300 word limit

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The biographical sketch should be a brief professional career development document which describes your educational background, work experience(s), study abroad participation, student or community organizations, and any other professional activities/honors you would like to include.”

Writing a biographical sketch requires polished and developed writing skills, but also focused self–analysis with a professional and effective presentation of that analysis. You can view this as a written summary of your resume that also includes items that are difficult to convey in the bulleted style of a resume.

Specific requirements follow:

1. Two to five paragraphs with a 300 words limit.

2. Limited to professional and academic qualifications, although interests and skill information may be included as appropriate.

3. Photographs of a professional and appropriate nature are permitted and encouraged.

4. After you posted your biographical sketch, please review and comment on other’s posts. Comment and like at least one student’s post! Try to find common points that both of you mentioned in your biographical sketchs.


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