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Analysis of End-of-life-care

Most old people die away from home against their wishes. Palliative care developed in the 60s when old patients expressed mental and physical distress in their depth beds. During that period, hospitals were quite unsympathetic concerning the needs of the old patients as they considered terminally ill patients of low priority and even medical failures. On the other hand, hospices laid much emphasis on patient-centered care. The development of the hospice enhanced the trend of the old patients dying away from home. Home caregivers believe that hospice has a specialist who can handle old patients. Besides death at the hospice, hospital deaths have also risen due to specific demographic factors. For instance, in some regions, old patients suffering from diseases related to respiratory or heart conditions (Henry, 2018). In such cases, hospital care is vital to the final days of life. Generally, the rise in the hospice development and the demographic factors based on rampant diseases in some regions, and the key enhancer of the trend of old age death away from home.

To support these clients as a nurse, I can incorporate home care services in the specialty, since most clients express the wish to die while at home. The palliative care services can also be managed at home, with most of the palliative care being focused on the community (Ahmad & O’Mahony, 2017). The palliative care, in this case, will deal with all old patients, encompassing their diagnosis, treatment, among other aspects of care. The care offered at home proves to be more effective as it is the wish of most clients, making them feel valued and respected. Receiving care from home keeps the client into a positive mind and enhances quality and peaceful death.


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