Capstone Project Scenario&nbsp You have been asked todevelop a

Capstone Project Scenario:  You have been asked todevelop a pizza ordering application. Here is the information your manager justshared with you about this software development project.The pizza ordering application allows customers with a web browserto order pizza for home delivery. To place an order, a customer would search tofind items to purchase (specialty pizzas, sodas, desserts, salads, etc.), andthen add items one at a time to a shopping cart. They could also view a pagethat showed the daily special. The customer could search again for more itemsif they wanted. They would also have the option to build their own pizza withas many toppings as they liked. When all items were chosen, the customer wouldsee the cost of their order, and also be prompted to provide a delivery addressfor that specific order. If not paying with cash, the customer would providecredit or debit card information for use on the current order. The system shouldhave an option for customers to register with the pizza shop. They could thensave their name, address information and e-mail address, so that they wouldn’thave to enter this information every time they placed an order. If they didn’twant to save their personal details on the site, they could register theire-mail address only, which would let them receive coupons and updates onspecial promotions.To complete this assignment, make assumptions asneeded–just be sure to document any assumptions you make.Milestone #1 1.  Identify the followinginformation about the pizza ordering application:a.  Purpose or goal of thesystemb.  Primary user(s) of thesystem2.  Assume the role of thecustomer. Identify 10 user requirements in user story format “As a (role), I want (feature), so that Ican (justification/benefit).”3.  Identify 5 functionalrequirements and 2 or more non-functional requirements using the “shall” formatfrom Chapter 4.4.  Identify 5 use casescenarios and create a simple use case UML diagram for each.Deadline: 3 days.Milestone #2 Complete a UML activity diagram that provides ahigh level overview of the major processes that characterize the pizza orderingapplication.1.  Assume a Test DrivenDevelopment approach. Identify 5 or more failing tests and what you would do tomake them pass. These tests will form the basis of your unit testing strategy.2.  Identify whether aplan-driven “waterfall” software development approach or an agile framework ormethodology might be more suitable for this software development project.Explain your recommendation.Deadline: 6 days. Milestone #3 1.  Identify the evolutionand maintenance related items that should be considered when planning todevelop the pizza ordering software application.2.  Identify ten or morerisks that could develop with this project. What is the probability orlikelihood that each risk might occur, and what would be the effect to yourpizza ordering application if it did? What is your plan to either avoid,minimize or recover from (i.e., contingency plan) each of these risks if theywere to occur?  Present your risk analysis as a Risk Register in a tabularformat, with the highest impacts/effects listed first.a.  Project PlanningAssignments:b.  Plan-driven “waterfall”planning approach assignment: Use the 10 user story requirements from Milestone#1 for this assignment. For each user story, identify the effort in person-daysand duration of each deliverable. If one user story is dependent on another,identify that relationship.i. Agile SCRUM planning approach assignment: Use the 10 user storyrequirements from Milestone #1 for this assignment. Assuming a 2-week sprintcycle or iteration, identify how many sprints this software development projectwill take to complete. Identify which user stories will be completed withineach sprint and what considerations went into your sizing decision.ii. Be sure to rank the user stories from highest to lowest priority.3.  Be sure the mostimportant user stories are completed before the least important user stories.Deadline:9 Days. $45Is the maximum that I can pay for this work. Please don’t bid more than thatbecause I won’t assign this work to you.

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