Can anyone help me answer these 30 multiple choice questions

Can anyone help me answer these 30 multiple choice questions?1 of 30Executive Order 13526, prescribes a uniform system for safeguarding nationalsecurity information.  True  False2 of 30Select the DoD Policy that governs the transmission and transportation ofclassified information.   DoD Directive 5400.1  DoD Instruction 5200.01  DoD Directive 2501.1  DoD Directive 3710.13 of 30Heads of DoD Components are responsible for establishing component specific proceduresregarding transmission and transportation of classified material. Selectitems that must be considered when establishing these procedures.  Achieve declassification goals  Aim to minimize the risk of compromise  Promote the most cost-effectiveness method  Identify local authorized couriers4 of 30Select all methods approved for the transmission of Top Secret information.  Cryptographic System  Direct contact between appropriately clearedpersons  Commercial Courier Service  U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail5 of 30Select ALL procedures that must be adhered to when transmitting Secretinformation through the U.S Postal Service by Priority Mail Express (formerlyExpress Mail).  Deliver outgoing Priority Mail Express maildirectly to Postal Service personnel  Transmission to U.S. military activities inPuerto Rico is allowed  Deposit Priority Express Mail in astreet-side collection box  Execute the “signature is required” box6 of 30Select the method NOT approved for transmitting Secret information within theU.S. and its territories.  USPS Certified Mail  GSA contract holder for overnight delivery  USPS Registered mail  USPS Priority Mail Express (formerly ExpressMail)7 of 30If there is more than one authorized method of transmission that meetsmission requirements, the most cost-effective method should be used.  True  False8 of 30The only factor considered when selecting a method for transmission andtransportation of classified information is damage to the national security.  True  False9 of 30Cryptographic systems used for the electronic transmission of classifiedinformation must be approved by which of the following officials?  Director of the National CryptographicSecurity Institute (NCSI)  Director of the National Security Agency(NSA)  Director of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)  Commander or Director of the Installation orActivity10 of 30From the list below, select the proper method to transmit Confidentialmaterial to a military organization located overseas with an APO/FPO address.  U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail  GSA contract holder for overnight delivery  U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail  U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail11 of 30Within the DoD, use of U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Express (formerlyExpress Mail) for the transmission of Secret and Top Secret material isauthorized ONLY within the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and theCommonwealth of Puerto Rico.  True  False12 of 30Appropriately cleared U.S. citizens who are operators of vehicles, officersof ships, or pilots of aircraft may be designated as escorts for Secret andConfidential material provided control of the carrier is maintained on a__________ basis.  12 hour  24 hour  36 hour  48 hour13 of 30How many intermediate stops are permitted between initial take-off and finallanding when Secret or Confidential material is transported using aircraftparticipating as part of the “Civilian Reserve Air Fleet?’  None  One  Two  Three14 of 30Whose permission do you need to obtain before transmitting information ormaterial that includes cryptosecurity, emissions security, transmissionsecurity, or physical security information?  DoD Department Head  COMSEC Custodian  SCI Custodian  Originator15 of 30What category of programs imposes safeguarding and access requirementsexceeding those normally required for specific types of classifiedinformation at the same classification level?  Special Access Programs  Personnel Programs  Industrial Security Programs  Information Security Programs16 of 30The release or disclosure of foreign government information to any thirdcountry requires the prior written consent of the originating government.  True  False17 of 30Where should you look for guidance on the transmission or transportation ofForeign Government Information (FGI)? Select all correct responses.  DoDM 5200.01, DoD Information SecurityProgram  National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM)112  National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM)110  DoD Directive 5230.11, Disclosure ofClassified Military Information to Foreign Governments and InternationalOrganizations18 of 30Transmission and transportation of Special Access Program information isalways coordinated through the __________________________.  COMSEC Custodian  Foreign Disclosure Officer  Special Security Officer or Special SecurityRepresentative  Program Security Officer19 of 30What is required for an appropriately cleared individual to be authorized fordesignation to escort or hand-carry classified material?  Need-to-know is satisfied  Favorable determination of eligibility foraccess at the appropriate level  Signed non-disclosure agreement  Properly executed property release agreement20 of 30Hand-carrying is normally accomplished aboard a U.S. carrier; however, when aU.S. carrier is not available, a foreign carrier may be used.  True  False21 of 30What are the requirements for the use of DD Form 2501, Courier AuthorizationCard?  The form must be issued for no more than twoyears  The individual must have a recurring need tohand carry classified information  An appropriate official in the individual’sservicing security office must sign the form  The form must be used when authorizing acourier to hand-carry or escort classified materials on commercial aircraft.  Stocks of the form must be controlled topreclude unauthorized use22 of 30During overnight stops, couriers may store classified material in a hotelsafe, provided it is equipped with an X-09 electromechanical lock, and theovernight stop has been coordinated and approved by the activity securityofficial.  True  False23 of 30At border crossings authorized couriers may open a parcel containingclassified material for inspection ________________________________.  Parcels containing classified material maynever be opened en route  When ordered by Customs, Immigration, orPolice officials  When ordered by Police or airline screeningofficials conducting random package inspections  When ordered by Police, Customs, orNaturalization officials24 of 30Each time an individual is required to escort or hand-carry classifiedinformation aboard a commercial passenger aircraft, an original or reproducedcopy of a letter of authorization is required.  True  False25 of 30What must DoD personnel ensure when packaging a classified document?  Ensure the outer wrapper is marked with thehighest classification level of the contents  Classified text is not in direct contactwith the inner envelope or container  Ensure the document was signed by theoriginal classification authority (OCA)  Make sure the mailing address is notincluded on the inner envelope or container26 of 30What does classified information need to be enclosed in when it istransmitted between facilities?   One (1) durable, opaque layer of wrapping orpackaging material and inner padding  Two (2) durable, opaque layers of wrappingor packaging material  An outer wrapper of any material and aresistant plastic inner wrapper  An outer container that can be opened forinspection and an inner sealed container27 of 30When preparing a classified package for transmission or transportation, whatmarkings should be included on the inner wrapper?  Receiver’s address  Name of document enclosed  Lowest classification of the contents  Any applicable special marking  Highest classification of the contents  Sender’s address28 of 30When Confidential information is transmitted via United States Postal Service(USPS) First Class Mail, what statement must appear on the outer wrapper?  Does not apply. USPS First Class Mail maynever be used for the transportation of classified information  Return Service Requested  First Class Mail  POSTMASTER: U.S. Government Classified Contents29 of 30A briefcase may not be used as an outer wrapper because it cannot beaddressed in the same way that a package can be.  True  False30 of 30What are the requirements for using a zippered pouch for hand-carryingclassified materials?  The pouch must also have serial numberdisplayed conspicuously on its exterior.  The activity authorizing use of the pouchmust determine that no other means of transmission is available  The pouch must be locked and its key placedin a separate sealed container  Zippered pouches may only be used for bulkyitems that present wrapping challenges

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