CIT 236 sql

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Create reports containing the following details from the database:
For EACH of the questions create TWO scripts, one using:

a) traditional join with the WHERE clause

AND another one using:

b) ANSI join with the JOIN keyword

Q1 List the book title, publisher name, contact, and contact phone number for all computer books with a retail price under $100.

Q2 List all book titles and the first and last names of the customer(s) who ordered each title. Be sure to show the titles of the books that were not ordered.

Q3 Use the MINUS operator to list the publishers who have not published any cooking books. The MINUS operator will make this much easier.

Q4 List the ISBN, title, author last name(s), retail price, and the promotional gift for all books. For books with multiple authors list both author’s names but it is also OK if only one was provided.

Q5 Complete Question 10 from Hands-On assignment after Chapter 9 (p. 345) of the textbook (but use JL_employees table instead of employees).

Q6 Complete ADVANCED Challenge questions on page 345


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