Legal Ethics Lesson 5 Assignment

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  • Read the case below.
  • Start with spotting the “issue” to be decided.
  • Second, create search terms that may be helpful in identifying the issue that you spotted.
  • Conduct your Google search.
  • Having found a relevant statute, case or commentary involving the issue you are exploring, plug that same case or statute into a Google search and examine the results for cases similar to yours.
  • Keep repeating the process until you find at least one federal/US statute, one state statute, three cases and any commentary written about the issues involved in the following fact pattern.

Your client is Stacey Rosaly, an 18 year old female freshman at the University of Sunshine State in the state of Florida. Because she was a good student, she received a full tuition scholarship to UOSS. She was a good basketball player in high school and was looking forward to playing in college. She arrived on campus only to find that although the college had a male basketball team there was no women’s basketball team. The school did have a women’s softball and soccer team. The school offered scholarships for the men’s basketball team and both the women’s softball and soccer teams. When asked why the school did not have a women’s basketball team, school administrators asserted that the women’s team did not offer the same monetary benefits (advertising, TV) or alumni support as the male team. Find the relevant law, if any, that supports Stacey’s position.


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