Discussion: Constitutional Rights

Discussion: Constitutional Rights: Provide an example of constitutional rights. How can you ensure that constitutional rights are upheld within your society?

Discussion: Constitutional Rights

Respond to the following in a minimum of 275 words: 

Provide an example of constitutional rights.

  • How can you ensure that constitutional rights are upheld within your society?
  • What recommendations would you suggest to strengthen certain constitutional rights?

Constitutional Rights
Constitutional rights should be upheld in society to ensure human dignity, fairness, and justice. The courts should exercise their ability to enforce their decisions when protecting Constitutional rights from violation. The courts’ independence guarantees the enforcement of the court’s decisions concerning constitutional rights (Chilton & Versteeg, 2018). The government should offer civic education to enlighten the citizens about their rights under the Constitution. This can be done by adding Constitutional studies to the school curriculum. There should also be clear and precise platforms and mechanisms for reporting the violations of rights provided for in the Constitution (Gilg, 2013). The courts should ensure heavy sanctions for Constitution violations to deter and protect the Constitution’s sanctity.

Discussion: Constitutional Rights

Despite the clear provisions of Constitutional rights, violations mean that certain measures should be placed to ensure the Constitution’s protection. For instance, the government should put in place a dedicated tribunal to address human rights violations. There should be subsequent legislation that defines certain rights like religion to avoid ambiguity (Friedersdorf, 2013). There should be reforms that ensure law enforcement officers protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens. Constitutional rights are provided for by the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law, and a contravention of the provisions leads to violation of the rule of law.

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