Every person on this planet has a unique story about his or

Every person on this planet has a unique story about his or her path or their journey so far. Expressive writing is all about expressing the self, but the audience is important too. You need to find a hook and a central image to hold your readers. You need to make your experience matter to the audience. In this unit we have analyzed examples of expressive writing that reached out to us with humor, emotion, and deep truths. Now it is your turn to share your story. So . . . tell us about yourself! To do:Select a means of expression for your finished story (choose one):A blog (At least five 100-word entries; submit the link to your instructor and invite your classmates).A humorous monologue/essay (You may video or audio record this [minimum three minutes] or submit it as a 500 to 750-word essay.).An emotional personal narrative (Submit it as a 500 to 750-word essay.).A series of poems (The poems must be first person, tied together thematically, and expressing real experiences. Review the poetry unit to avoid writing poems devoid of imagery and substance.).A letter (Choose someone to address the letterto, your birth mother, the grandmother you never met, your future self,your future children. 500 to 700 words).A journal (At least five 100-word entries. Avoid the temptation to chronicle you daily life unless your daily life is wildly unique and exciting. You must have a focus.).Decide upon a focus, central idea, theme, message, or unifying concept that tells readers about you.Decide upon an organizational pattern for your story (choose one):Linear plot development.Spiral plot development.Parallel plot development.Pyramid plot development.Write your story (minimum 500 words).Revise to add description, figurative language, dialogue.Revise for unity.Edit carefully for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, grammar, and usage.

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