Exercise [51] … (For-Credit of 5 Points)&nbsp Come up with a

Exercise [51] … (For-Credit of 5 Points)  Come up with a series of the 3 items for each of the following sentences:  (a) Predicate Logic symbolization of the original sentence  (b) result of applying QN to (a), i.e., with different quantifier  (c) restatement of (b) back into a plain English sentence  which should be different from the original English sentence in its  utterance, but still the same in its meaning  1. Anything that leads to violence is wrong.  2. Not every smile is genuine.  3. Terrorists are neither rational nor empathetic.  (hint: two predicates as one unit are ascribed to the subject)  NB: compare the two different sentences in question 4 below  while doing the same tasks respectively as above:  4. (1) Humans are spiritual.  (2) Only humans are spiritual.  *. ‘only’ makes the predicate a consequent of the conditional

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