Final Research PaperIn Units II (Research Paper Topic) and V

Final Research PaperIn Units II (Research Paper Topic) and V (Paper Segment), you worked toward a research paper that you will complete in this unit. For the final research paper, you will add an evaluation of the changes needed on the local, state, or federal level to address the economic issue you discussed in your paper segment from Unit V. In your evaluation, include the following: 1.) Explain how the current budget influences the running of the local, state, or federal government, along with how the budget impacts people on the local level. 2.) Include views/analysis (pros/cons) on a possible amendment to the United States Constitution requiring a balanced federal budget. If on the state or local levels, what changes to state constitutions or local laws are needed?3.) After evaluating the impact of this economic issue, discuss how it applies to your own daily life (work, home, and recreation).The evaluation must be a minimum of two pages in length, and your full research paper must be a minimum of five pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Additionally, you must use at least one outside source in this section. Remember this process is academic, so ensure the use of proper APA standards for formatting and citing/referencing.Attachments: research_paper_topic.doc paper_segment.doc

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