Formal Business Memorandum

Conduct research regarding organizational, financial, and managerial considerations relative to Global Logistics and Transportation.


Create a formal business memorandum to your current supervisor (Bob). 


This memorandum will outline your thoughts as to the impact that Global Logistics and Transportation has on the organization itself, its finances, and overall management. Is the current organizational training and support for employees adequate; especially, as related to 


*multi-cultural sensitivity training? Why or why not? 

*How might currency exchange rates, accounts receivable, and trade regulations impact finances? 

*is the present organizational structure adequate? Why or why not?


If Global Logistics and Transportation considerations relative to 

*their impact on the organization, 

*its finances, and management are not a topic of consideration for your current or past organization, 


complete this assignment as if you did work for an organization for which Global Logistics and Transportation management was relevant with respect to

*the organization, 

*its finances, and 


Compose a formal business memorandum that outlines the different levels and associated costs.


Your posting should be at least 300 words in length.

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