White Paper – Barriers to Entry

Conduct research surrounding potential barriers to entry for newcomers into asset-based supply chain and logistics. 


Taking the vantage point of a consulting firm, 

write a short white paper whose audience is a client that is considering starting-up an asset-based supply chain and logistics company. 


The paper will provide a solution for a new-comer’s entry into asset-based supply chain and logistics.


Specific sections to your white paper should include:

  • Define the audience and their concerns;
  • Potential barriers to entry for new-comers;
  • Compare and contrast potential barriers for an asset-based new-comer versus non-asset based new-comer;
  • Provide a recommended solution as to which approach (asset vs. non-asset) is best;
  • Summarize the potential benefits and return on investment from your recommendation;
  • Conclusion.

Should be at least 600 words in length.

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Cathy, CS.