Goal. Professionals working in the fields of medicine, educa

Goal. Professionals working in the fields of medicine, education, or psychology have to develop their communication andwriting skills. This assignment will help you to self-examine and develop some important social skills. This assignmentshould also help you to apply your knowledge to some real-life situations. Description. Many people come to the United States trying to escape material hardship in their home countries. When theyarrive to the United States, many of them dream to have all the opportunities that they did not have in their home countries:freedom, a chance to work, have a home, to receive high-quality education or medical care. Some people, especially peopleof age, are reluctant to move but want to re-unite with their families. Some move because of their marriage or divorce. Someare brought here by their parents. In other words, people have different reasons for immigration. However to all of them, oneissue is common: they have to adjust to a new country and a new cultural environment.What to do: Find a person born outside the United States who have lived in this country for several years. Ask thisperson to give you an interview about his or her experiences in the United States. Ask the questions displayed below onthis page. (Fell free to ask other questions). Please tell this person that you will not mention his (or her) name in yourreport. It should take from 10 to 15 minutes for a respondent to answer the questions.You should ask these questions:How old were you when you move to the United Sates? Why did you move?Did you have any friends of family members here when you moved to America?What did you do (profession, education) your home country before you came to the United States?Do you think you like your life in the United Sates? (“I like it very much” or “I like it more than I dislike it” or “ I dislike itmore than I like it” or “I very much dislike it”). Explain why.What were the main differences between your life here in America and your life back in your home country?Do you feel happy here or do you believe you would be happier if you lived now in your home country?What would you do differently in your life here in America if you had a chance?Imagine you talk to a 17 year-old person who wants to immigrate to America. What advice would you give to this person?Give this person three best, from your view, suggestions about what she or he has to do to be successful in the UnitedStates.Follow these steps. The paper is graded according to these specific criteria:After you conduct the interview, describe the answers or include a transcript of the answers on a separate sheetof paper. (2 points). Then conduct a psychological analysis of the interview. In the analysis, mention thefollowing:Describe the context of the interview, the circumstances, if other people were present, the person’s bodylanguage, was this person relaxed or not, did he/she feel uncomfortable, etc. (5 point). 300 words min.Describe if you felt that the person was open up to you or whether he/she was shy, reluctant to speak in detail, didnot want to talk much about personal problems, etc. and why (5 point). 300 words min.Include you personal views on psychological difficulties caused by immigration. For example, who adjust easier,young children, teenagers, adults, or senior people? Who adjust better, men or women? How education affectspsychological adjustment Does ethnicity or religious affiliation (such as being Muslim, Christian, etc.) affect aperson’s adjustment in the United States? In which way? (10 points). 300 words min.Describe what you personally learned from the interview (5 points). 300 words min.Overall paper value: 25 points. Suggested length: 2,000 words.

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