i have 4 question to answer&nbspit is about architecture histor

i have 4 question to answer it is about architecture history each is 250 words the due is in 12 hours this is the requirment Try to submit a ca. 250 word essay in response to each of the four questions of this exam. You can use any available sources to find answers. However, be sure to acknowledge from where you got information and clues used in your answers. Try to be as complete and convincing as you can be.For each answer, formulate a thesis and support this thesis with convincing and believable arguments.the questions… 1.   How do the exterior façade articulation and the interior layout of the Amsterdam Exchange Building communicate the significance of open interior space in its design? 2.Is the Villa Savoye an ugly or a beautiful building? Explain why it is ugly or beautiful by analyzing its form(s) and the intention of its designer. 3.How does the Civic Center in Säynätsalo demonstrate a deep concern for the psychological needs of human beings?  4.Parc de la Villette aims to communicate to its users that it is a new form of architecture, neither influenced by historical styles or traditional design conventions. How do forms, plan, and composition indicate this?

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