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frist 1- In order to complete the first essay, you must select a religious site and provide proof that you were there. A picture with you at the site is sufficient if you happen to attend a physical service. A link to the online service/gathering you attended is also sufficient.

and tge scond one ; In class, we discussed the concept of Sacred Power which is an amalgamation of two terms Livingston uses to communicate a critical term in his text.

  • First, Sacred value, or set apart, or something of immense spiritual/religious meaning. The emphasis here is on the value of the meaning of whatever it is. Another word for Sacred could be Holy.
  • Second, transforming Power, or the transformative power that the sacred has on people/peoples. This is the functionalist part of the definition: That which is sacred transforms one’s life: creates meanings, shapes one’s worldview.
  • A unique characteristic of sacred power is the fact that it evokes a mixed response. A person’s impulse, in the face of the awesome and mysterious, is instinctively one of avoidance; and yet the sacred possesses a magnetic attraction as well. “In the human soul, . . . power awakens a profound feeling of awe which manifests itself both as fear and as being attracted. There is no religion whatever without terror, but equally none without love.”

For your first discussion describe a person/place/thing/idea/diety that has sacred value. Detail the value, uniqueness, or ‘set apart’ nature of the sacred in your example. This could be a personal thing to you, something you’ve observed in others lives, or a religious concept you’re familiar with. Second, describe the transforming power that this sacred person/place/thing/idea/diety holds. Finally, examine & analyze the meaning provided by whatever you wrote about to the group or individual that find it to hold sacred power.

Your primary post must be at least 300 words. Consider this academic writing so please use full sentences, make sure your post has a clear central idea, and watch your grammar. I recommend downloading Grammarly. You do not need to cite sources, but feel free to upload any images, links, or anything else you’d find helpful. Do remember I care much more about the quality of your writing than I do the length of your post, so don’t write filler. Also, make sure you hit 300 at least words.

You will be required to respond to 2 other classmates posts with responses of at least 75 words. For your responses critically examine the meaning provided by the sacred in the original post in order to demonstrate your understanding of the original post.


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