Pick three (3) of these characteristics and explain how the characteristic might increase a client’s trust in the treatment or decrease it, if the counselor does not have that quality.

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For example, for the characteristic “effective therapists respect and appreciate themselves:” A therapist who respects and appreciates themselves, charges an appropriate fee for their services. They present their treatment recommendations in a confident manner and understands that treatment can be a slow process, explaining it to their client and encouraging them to continue the hard work. This validation would instill confidence in the client and cause them to continue to have hope even if they do not see positive change immediately. However, if a therapist does not respect or appreciate themselves,” they may feel inadequate or incompetent as a therapist. They may not have faith in their treatment recommendations. They may present the treatment without conviction and tell their client things like “I think this should work,” or “I hope this will be effective.” A client hearing this would be hesitant to trust the treatment or even try the treatment, instead choosing to drop out or looking for a new, more confident therapist.

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