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Multiple-Choice Questions

66.   Which of the following is considered an integrated software system?

a)  Material requirements planning systems (MRP I)

b)  Manufacturing resource planning systems (MRP II)

c)  Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)

d)  all of the above

67. Integrated accounting software programs generally include all of the following, except:

a)Graphic reporting capabilities

b)Internet connectivity

c)One standardized chart of accounts

d)The ability to handle multiple companies

68. The word “integrated” in the term “integrated accounting software” means:

a)The software is color blind

b)The software can interface with non-accounting software such as spreadsheets.

c)The software combines several accounting functions in one package. 

d)all of these are terms of integrated accounting software

69. A trend in low- and mid-level accounting software is:

a)     Most sellers now come from China

b)     Decreasing prices for packages

c)     Consolidation of vendors

d)     The availability of fewer product lines, per vendor

e)     Their disappearance, because ERP systems are replacing them

70. One problem with accounting packages for small businesses is that:

a)There are so few of them

b)The absence of cloud computing capabilities in most of them

c)Their inability to interface with internet shopping cart applications

d)The cost of a package is just the beginning of “total costs”

71. Within the context of accounting packages for small businesses, the term “scalability” refers to:

a)The weight of the package

b)The ability of the system to grow with a business

c)The ability to measure the benefits of the system in monetary terms

d)none of these

72. Which of the following software packages is not an example of a middle-range AIS?

a)Great Plains Dynamics

b)MAS 90



73. Another term for an accounting system accessed via the Internet is:

a)  Internet portal

b)  Online access

c)   Hosted solution

d)   BRP system

74. The Cougar Mountain Fund Suite is accounting software designed for:

a)Small businesses with less than $1 million in revenues

b)Manufacturing concerns with between $1 million and $5 million in revenues

c)Retail furniture stores


75. A software package at the entry-level, such as Peachtree:

a)Is likely to cost a few thousand dollars to implement fully

b)Is scalable

c)Is unlikely to incorporate Internet connectivity

d)Is suitable for many businesses with less than $5 million in revenues

e)Will include sample, customizable Charts of Accounts


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