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  Assignment 1Review Questions  Assess the similarities and differences between threat, risk, hazard, and peril. Assess how threat, risk, hazard, and peril impact your organization. Assess why we state the impact of an adverse event in financial terms and how this impacts organizational decisions regarding risk mitigation.  Please answer each of the review questions above using 200 to 300 words per questionAssignment 2          Case Study 1    You have just been hired as the security manager for a major corporation. The Board of Directors has instructed you to develop a security assessment and auditing program from its inception. You manage several regional security officers in the field who ensure that critical company infrastructure is protected from theft and terrorism. What kind of security checklists will you create to protect the infrastructure? What will the checklists include? What will the surveys accomplish? How will you audit your regional security officers? How will you evaluate the success of the program?    Case Study Requirements    Cover sheet that contains the course name, Case Study #1, your name, and the date. Name your Word file in this format: lastname CaseStudy1. Proper use of spelling, grammar, and paragraphing is expected. Proper in-text citation is expected. A Works Cited Page as the last page, which includes all relevant information about all of your in-text sources, including author name(s) if known. Also note whether the source is an Internet source, along with the date of retrieval and a full URL. (See APA guidelines in the Syllabus.) This assignment should be 2-3 pages in length (500-750 words).

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