News Article Analysis Each studentwill be required to find a

News Article Analysis Each studentwill be required to find a current news article about a business situation, andanalyze it from a human resource management perspective. Students will berequired to create an oral presentation and submit a written executive summary.Pertinent questions that should beanswered in your analysis include but are not limited to:· Are there any laws that apply to the situationdescribed in the article? What are they, and how do they relate to the situationdescribed?· How does/might this situation affect thepractice of HR?· What are the HR implications to the employer? Tothe employees?· Are there any HR related concepts that should beconsidered when evaluating the situation described?Pleasefocus on the key points that pertain to your article. Your job is not to teachHR material, but to relate the material to your selected article. Do not merelysummarize the article.-ConclusionYou must use  subtitles and headings  to show that you address all required  points. References  APA style . At least 3 additional references on top of the article you are using to support your arguments and analysis.  Executive Summary:Inaddition to the oral presentation, each student will submit a one page typed summary of theiranalysis. The page may be single spaced, and references may be on an additionalpage. Thesummary should be a written version of the material presented orally, answer thesame questions detailed above and be written in proper English.A copy ofthe article being analyzed must accompany the written summary.

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