Note work must be original. No plagiarism. Paper should be

Note: work must be original. No plagiarism. Paper should be 1.5pages in length single space.Both Anderson in Security Engineering and Mitnick in Ghostin the Wires refer to social engineering as a critical aspect of cybersecurity. Search the Internet to find two examples of cyber security breachesthat exemplify the concept of social engineering as discussed by both authors.Note that you can, if you wish, use the same examples for this week’sDiscussion forum.Apply Anderson’s and Mitnick’s discussions of the role of socialengineering to the activities described in your examples. In your paper,address each of the following items:Briefly describe the two examples of security breaches anddescribe the role played by social engineering in bringing them about.Define and analyze the concept of social engineering in thecontexts of both of your examples.Offer suggestions regarding how the victims of bothincidents could have protected against the social engineering component of thesecurity breach.Cite statements made about social engineering by Andersonand Mitnick and discuss whether and how the two authors’ different perspectiveson the conception of social engineering provide different insights into yourexamples.Explain why social engineering is an important considerationin the field of cyber security.Support your analysis by citing specific statements aboutsocial engineering by both authors and at least one additional credible orscholarly source. Paper should be 1.5 pages in length single space, withdocument and citation formatting per APA Requirements.

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