Question 1.1. From the functionalist perspective, much was _

Question 1.1. From the functionalist perspective, much was ____________ bynot granting African residents full citizenship at the birth of theUnited States.(Points : 1) lost gained forgotten inventedQuestion 2.2. The No Child Left Behind Act has been criticized for ALL BUT ONE of the following:(Points : 1) focusing on test scores desegregation practices narrowing the curriculum lowering standardsQuestion 3.3. Which of the sociological perspectives argues that funding does not always directly correlate to student success?(Points : 1) Feminist Conflict Race-Centered Symbolic InteractionismQuestion 4.4. Symbolic interactionism theorists have discoveredthat stereotypes concerned with intellectual capacity contribute to theproduction of inequitable exams.(Points : 1) True  FalseQuestion 5.5. What type of consequence is racial inequality in the quest for power, according to the conflict perspective?(Points : 1) Parallel Evolutionary Natural UnnaturalQuestion 6.6. Which of the following was NOT listed as a structural effortto disenfranchise non-white people in a burgeoning United States?(Points : 1) Forced removal Denial of citizenship Lynchings EnslavementQuestion 7.7. In addition to childbearing responsibilities and subsequenttime off from work, ALL BUT ONE of the following is a challenge womenface on the job:(Points : 1) fewer female colleagues and mentors. the challenge to “prove” themselves capable of the work. assumptions about domestic priorities. intellectual and educational restrictions.Question 8.8. Which Constitutional amendment granted women the right to vote?(Points : 1) The 14th The 19th The 21st The 22ndQuestion 9.9. According to the text, children raised by gay parents are more likely to ___________________ than other children.(Points : 1) be bullied have friends show tolerance be popularQuestion 10.10. Unintended institutional discrimination is formed by racism.(Points : 1) True  False

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