Reading Comprehension Assignment

Reading Comprehension Assignment: Instructions for Reading Comprehension Assignments FCWR-111 Spring 2021…

Reading Comprehension Assignment

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Instructions for Reading Comprehension Assignments FCWR-111 Spring 2021 

An important part of this course is the continued development of critical reading skills. 

To achieve that goal, you will be completing comprehension exercises for each of our assigned readings.

 All reading comprehension assignments are worth 100 points. ? Type your name and ID# on the paper ? Use 12-point font in Georgia or Times New Roman ? Type your answers directly on the document; do not delete any text—and upload/submit the entire “assignment.” You don’t have to upload the reading itself. 

Each reading assignment has three parts. You must complete all parts to receive a grade: 

1. Vocabulary (10 points): for each word you see in bold blue, type out the word, give the word form as the word is used in the sentence, AND write your own original sentence using the word in the same word form. Be sure that the meaning of the word is clear from the context of your sentence. 

Example: diverse (adj.) This class has students from eight different countries, so it is very diverse. 

2. A Summary (30 points), in your own words, of the reading’s main ideas: Each summary should be roughly 10-12 complete sentences. Explain in your own words what the author is trying to accomplish in his or her essay. You should begin each summary with the author’s full name, the essay’s full title, and one sentence stating the essay’s general purpose and method. Example: In “What Is Intelligence, Anyway?,” Isaac Asimov argues that intelligence is much more diverse than what we learn in school; he also demonstrates that he is not as intelligent as his reputation might indicate. Following the first sentence, discuss the essay’s most important ideas in your own words. In order to do this, you should: ? Write out in one complete sentence the main idea of each paragraph. ? Decide which of those sentence summaries are most important, and use them to build your summary. Your goal should be to summarize the essay clearly and concisely so that someone who has not read it could understand its main ideas through your description. Grammar counts! 

3. Answers to the Comprehension Questions (60 points). Be sure to answer each comprehension question in your own words. You should use the words from the question to begin your answer, but from that point, explain your ideas with your own language in several sentences, exactly as in WRIT-110. Each reading answer must be composed of three parts: 1. An introduction that uses the key words from the question (1 sentence) 2. An explanation of the introduction, using facts from the reading, but no copied language from the reading; paraphrase (2-3 sentences) 3. A conclusion that restates the answer’s main idea (1 sentence) 

Reading Comprehension Assignment

Example: Question—What kind of relationship did Cheryl Strayed have with her mother? How can you tell? Give examples, in your own words. Answer—Cheryl had a _____ relationship with her mother. In her essay, she states that _______________ . In another example, Cheryl remembers when she and her mother _______________________. Therefore, it is clear that Cheryl and her mother _________________.

“A Traditional Family”
Type directly on this document. 
Then upload the entire document (Word Doc) into the Canvas assignment. Type your name an ID# on the paper.

Vocabulary (There are 10 words.  10 pts))
Lamentable: adjective
It is lamentable that youths in the current generation show no respect for the elders.
Peculiarities: noun
Scientists were trying to illustrate some peculiarities in the experiment’s results.
Manipulated: verb
He went to report Brady to the authorities after he manipulated data.
Impression: noun
It brings a bad impression when one gets late for a meeting.
Renewed: adjective
We renewed our friendship after ten years of not seeing each other.
Easement: noun
I sued my neighbors for using my wooded area as an easement for dumping their waste.
Moderate: adjective
He has learned to moderate his drinking.
Destabilizing: adjective
She spent her entire career destabilizing the government.
Exception: noun
He refused to make an exception for us for being late for the interview.
Abide: verb
We were required to abide by the school rules throughout the schooling period.
Summary  (30 pts)
In “A Traditional Family” Calvin Trillin tries to argue that the strict definition of a traditional family should not be so. It has made his family not be classified as a traditional American Family by the Census Bureau and he could not control that. He continues to say that it is true that they have their unique features but that does not make them kooks or hippies. Based on societal standards of what being traditional is, he says that his family can be classified as one. His family is traditional in terms of marriage, children, celebrations, and daily activities hence should be classified as a family American Family hence he still does not understand why the Census Bureau does not list them as one. He believes that their daughter’s age is the only limitation to this classification which had no control over.
From the statistics produced by the Census Bureau concerning the rapid decline in the number of the American family, Calvin Trillin continues to argue that they could have made an exception for his family. He had in mind that when the Census Bureau sends an inspector to him, he would not show his children to him to increase the possibility of getting excepted but only mention that they are slightly undermanned. He also would show the inspector some traditions the family always keeps and try to bribe him to make that exception. His only fear in approaching the Census Bureau was that there was a possibility of them getting to know some truth. Also, he had not come to an agreement with his wife on the matter which was their tradition.

Reading Comprehension Questions “A Traditional Family” (60 pts)

According to the author, how is his family a “traditional” family? Explain in your own words. The author states that his family is traditional in many ways. He says that most individuals consider his family tradition, for instance, he has a marriage certificate, they have children, and also his family usually celebrate traditional festivals like Christmas and Halloween. Also, that according to the Census Bureau’s official definition of what a traditional family is, his family is qualified to be one with only one exception that his children are not under age eighteen which he has no control of. Therefore, the author’s family was a traditional family in respect to the various statement he had stated which depicts this family as a traditional family.

  1. Why is the author’s family considered an “untraditional” family by the U.S. Census Bureau? Explain in your own words.
    The author’s family is considered as an untraditional family by the US Census Bureau because it does not meet the requirements listed for a family to be considered as one. The author’s family is untraditional because their children were above eighteen years of age which was a requirement for a traditional family to have children below eighteen. The family had overaged children in respect to the US Census Bureau. The author’s family could not be considered as a traditional family since despite them practicing different traditions carried out in most traditional families and being considered by many as a traditional family, there was one thing that classified them untraditional which was somehow impossible to make an exception. 
  2. What does the author consider doing to solve this problem? 
    Explain in your own words.

The author considers solving the problem by asking the Census Bureau to make an exception for his family’s case. The author considered calling the Census Bureau to make this exception on basis of the rapid decline in the number of American Traditional Family. The author says that since they would probably send an inspector to him to confirm the claims, he would try to hide his children not to be noticed to be more than eighteen years of age and also showcase some of the traditions they practice to convince the inspector his family is a traditional family. The author considers approaching the Census Bureau to make an exception for his family to be considered a traditional family for the various traditions practiced in the family.

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