Schizophrenia And Bipolar Clinical

Schizophrenia And Bipolar Clinical: The following template is to be completed for each simulation experience during the Fall 2022 quarter

Schizophrenia And Bipolar Clinical

Virtual Clinical Simulation Documentation 

The following template is to be completed for each simulation experience during the Fall 2022 quarter

Course Number & Title: FAL22-PRN1562LL-MHD-MHXA1A3ZNumber of Required Clinical Hours: 45
Section: MHXA1A0Z Faculty: Kelly Economon
Campus/Campuses: FMDate Submitted:
Clinical Plan for Fall 2022 QuarterThis table provides a summary/tracker of how the hours will be completed for the Fall 2022 quarter.
Delivery MethodHoursDates/Times
Hours to completed at a clinical siteSite Name: Prairie St. John’s2410/22/22 – 0700-1900 11/05/22 – 0700-1900
Hours to be completed via residential simulation on campus
Hours to be completed via virtual simulation on WebEx2110/08/22 – 0800-1830 10/09/22 – 0800-1830
INACSL Standards of BestPractice: SimulationSM(See Appendix A)
Simulation Design
Outcomes & Objectives
Participant Evaluation
Professional Integrity
Simulation Enhanced IPE
Learning ObjectivesShould be measureable and link the clinical experience to the course competencies and Program SLOs.
Explain current issues and social concerns related to mental health disorders and treatments.
Evaluate nursing care strategies for clients with somatic illnesses or neurodevelopmental disorders
Select appropriate nursing interventions for clients with mental health disorders.
Brief Scenario Description
Students will understand the signs, symptoms, treatments, and outcomes for patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Likewise, students will develop a safety plan and will review Seclusion and Restraint as it applies within an inpatient mental health setting. Last, students will view videos of people living with schizophrenia and reflect upon what they have learned.
TopicDescription of ActivityDeliverable(s)Activity Time
Orientation/ Pre-Briefing(See Appendix B)Pre-briefTotal time 45 minutesReview schizophrenia pathophysiology total viewing time and discussion 30 minutesKhan Academy link to support on basics of Bipolar Disorder 1.Describe the presentation of Bipolar Disorder2. Discuss disease progression if left untreated.3. Discuss the treatment regimen for Bipolar Disorder.4. Discuss the medication regimen for Bipolar Disorder5 Discuss nursing role6. Identify topics that should be included in patient education.7. Describe how you think the patient may be presented to you during this simulation.8. Explain how you might care for this patient.1 hour and 30 minutes
Tasks(See Appendix C)Students to develop concept map (acute and chronic), pharmacologic templates and safety plansSafety Plan: Safety planStudents will develop a safety plan for working on an acute closed unit. Discuss important safety considerations for personal safety, other client safety, facility design and important features for safety. Review seclusion and restraint protocols.Picmonic – Restraints – Picmonic – Tardive Dyskinesia Picmonic – Malignant Hyperthermia, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Serotonin Syndrome the following videos where people living with schizophrenia discuss their disease and write a reflection: to drop in drop box safety plan and reflection2 hour3 hour
Virtual Scenario(See Appendix D)Watch the following videos detailing people living with bipolar and write a reflection:Review Patient RK, watch the video linked: of a young man living with bipolar type II: Study- “Hannah” session with Tom: with a patient who is in a depressed state: hour
Debriefing(See Appendix E)Twice the amount of time that the simulation runsDebrief – is streamed following each event – Do a general “ah’ha’s, and question and comments at this time – discuss individual strengths and growth opportunities for working in mental health.2 hours
Daily Attendance Record, Sunday, October 9th, 0800-1830
Student NamePresentAbsent
1. Thelma Dennis
2. Rosemarie Hollywood
3. Kebbeh Kollie
4. Christina Kosak
5. Agnes Ngateh
6. Chilli Nyanti
7. Sayee Zulu
Total Clinical Time:10.5 hours
Faculty Signature:Kelly Economon BSN RN CHPN

*When complete, these forms should be scanned and uploaded into a “hidden” file within the course shell and sent to your Dean of Nursing who will forward to the appropriate Clinical Coordinator.

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