The West_ Families, Gold, Trains, and war

Can you help me understand this History question?

1) Reflect on Walter Colton’s “Gold Rush Diary” (1849-1850). How does he describe the experience of the Gold Rush? Who has come to California? What is mining like? How do miners interact with each other?

2) Reflect on the John Gast painting “American Progress” and Fredrick Jackson Turner’s, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” (1893). How is Frontier Thesis similar to but different from Manifest Destiny? How is “American Progress” an allegorical depiction of Manifest Destiny? How do these sources exclude realistic portrayals of women?

3) Reflect on Richard Caton Woodville “War News from Mexico” (1848) and John L. O’Sullivan “Annexation” (1845). What are these documents arguing? How does Manifest Destiny function within O’Sullivan’s document? How is America viewing the Mexican-American War?

answer only 2 questions (pick any) 100 words for each question minimum, and no references needed. make sure to write the question number before answring it.


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